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Microcredit - Sviluppo Campania



December 2013

for one month



January 2014

Always sunny

A no personal guarantee loan up to 25.000 euros to be returned in 5 years, interest-free.

A new initiative to launch new activities and placement opportunities.

Regione Campania launches an entrepreneurial Microcredit project*, for non-bankable individuals.

* Revolving fund constituted with the Regional Committee Resolution D.G.R. no. 733 of 19 December 2011 - Regione Campania.

Funding your ideas.

The Microcredit fund is managed by Sviluppo Campania Spa, an in house company of Regione Campania, that will help applicants with internet posts and a free tutoring service, to fill out the application correctly. The service will be carried out at Sviluppo Campania offices and itinerant desks.

Microcredit goals

Microcredit has specific goals:

  • To support the development of public and private research spin-offs
  • To enhance the incentive system for the weaker segments of labour market*
  • To support the establishmnet of new enterprises, mostly cooperatives created by young people and women
  • To support job placement

* Priority will be given to young people, unemployed for an extended amount of time and women.

Who is it for?

All economic activities are accepted, except for those excluded from the EU regulations in force. Priority sectors are:

  • Tourism services, cultural services, environmental conservation, energy conservation and renewable energy
  • Social care, ICT, professional activities
  • Manufacturing, craftmanship and local produce improvement, local commerce

* Beneficiary companies must have legal office, operational and administrative office within the Region of Campania.

What does it promote?

The Microcredit fund promotes:

  • The launch of new micro-enterprises
  • The support of existing micro-enterprises

Support and Tutoring

Beneficiaries can book a tutoring service:

  • Training
  • Information help desks, for the investment and administrative duties

How to apply?

You can apply from 9 am of 19th November 2012 to 12 pm of 19th Dicember 2012.